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Hello, I'm Julie Stars - a certified Transformational Life Coach - on a mission to help you unlock your full potential and thrive in your professional and personal life. 

I’m a down-to-earth, people person - and kindness is one of my life values. Previous coaching clients have described me as easy going, focused and reflective.  I'm a Scottish girl at heart, living in France with my husband and two young boys. Having worked in the demanding industry of advertising for 19 years, I made the move to retrain with Animas Centre for Coaching to achieve my triple-accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching.


I understand the juggle of managing your own self-care along with your professional career and family (and remembering who you truly are at the same time!).

I believe in the power of consistent small steps to bring about improvements and massive changes in your life. 

Please message me to arrange a chat to help you decide if I’m the listening partner and supporter you need to help you make changes and flourish in your life.



PS In March 2020 I started a month-long break from the booze and I’m still going strong after discovering the joys an alcohol-free (AF) lifestyle can bring (hence I’m passionate about mentoring other ‘middle-lane drinkers’; knowing how this one decision can kick-start so much more).



“Julie is kind and listens and encourages you to see you differently.” 

"I would highly recommend coaching sessions with Julie. From the get go I felt at ease with her personable, friendly manner. Julie is so easy to talk to. She felt like a trusted confidante, without all the emotional baggage of a friend or loved one who think they hold just the right nugget of advice to solve your challenges and problems."

"I would describe you as easy to talk to, focused, and very reflective. The coaching was motivating and I looked forward to each session as I knew I would be able to talk through my thoughts and ideas without judgement."

"Easy going, gentle, funny, present, understanding, smart and intelligent with laser beam focus. Coaching style is deceptively simple and subtle, yet the results in my way of thinking and the way I speak to myself since the coaching sessions have been dramatic. I’m still me but I’ve accessed a wiser, more friendly, less critical part of myself. Julie has helped me get in touch with my inner coach, and I can’t thank her enough."

"I love the fact you helped me discover what I needed without imposing ideas on me of what I should do. It was very easy to talk to you and open up about how I felt about certain situations which were very difficult for me especially as someone who has always been very much in control. 


The sessions were great to organize my thoughts and really talk through my priorities and what I wanted, which helped to define what steps I needed to take to move forward. Your questions (or questions you made me ask myself) and reflections were great to determine what I needed. I always felt very relaxed (even when I go upset) and listened to."

“During the sessions I always felt heard, which made me feel safe. At the same time you pressed the pause button, gave me room and time to think, question my knee jerk reactions, feelings, victim thinking, and problem solve myself. You provided gentle coaxing, such as in here’s a pool to drink from if you’re thirsty. You gave me a helping hand when I felt like I was drowning in confusion but you did not rescue me. This actually gave me a lot of confidence to trust myself, believe in myself and trust that I can problem solve without having to walk away from my job or friendships. I felt I could move forward with confidence and make good decisions for myself.” 

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