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“I would definitely recommend Julie’s coaching service to anyone who needs some help finding a way to move forward in life. She is easy to talk to and will help to guide you through your thoughts to discover what you really need or want out of life and she will help you find your solution on how to achieve your goals.  If you, like I did, feel like you’re stuck in rut, or overwhelmed by big life changes such as starting a business, setting up life in a new country or becoming a parent for the first time then Julie can and will guide you on finding the solution that works for you. I walked away with a completely fresh perspective and totally motivated and excited to pursue a new direction in my career.”     

Linda Steele, France.

"Through a process of gentle questioning, mirroring back what I said, listening and offering different perspectives (not advice), Julie helped me find the answers I needed to move forward in life. There were tears and lots of laughter when I discovered some of my own BS…. the results in my way of thinking and the way I speak to myself since the coaching sessions have been dramatic. I’m still me but I’ve accessed a wiser, more friendly, less critical part of myself. Julie has helped me get in touch with my inner coach, and I can’t thank her enough.  If I were recommending you to a friend I’d say that working with you would be one of the best investments in their life.”

Ktima Heathcote, Australia.

“I’m looking at myself differently. I had lost the drive to do basically anything.  Through talking to you and getting everything off my chest…I found me again.  My mind-set is totally, totally changed… I feel and I’ve been told by people I’m coming across differently.”

Katy McMillan, West Sussex, UK. 

“Working with Julie has been truly instrumental in bringing about desired changes in my life. I was navigating some big career changes and life changes. Julie really holds the space and asks very powerful questions to help me really understand my direction and next steps.”  

     Joanne Haigh, London, UK.

 “I'd definitely recommend the coaching sessions. Julie never once told me what I should do or think. But asked the right questions to get me to come to the right answers. I really felt like she was listening and interested to help.  I loved having the time to think and talk about how I was feeling each week and how much I realised about my situation after I started talking. You made me feel like I could improve and make the changes necessary.  I feel I have gained a better focus and the ability to think more clearly about situations that I previously would have been overwhelmed by."

Michelle Phillips, East Grinstead, UK

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